Neo PR’s 2022 Summer Sports Day Bash!

Neo PR’s 2022 Summer Sports Day Bash!

Neo PR’s annual summer bash took place on the farm this week, and we threw it back to a good old-fashioned sports day. It’s no secret that I’m extremely competitive, so this summer bash was a fabulous way to relive our childhoods and have a bit of competitive fun followed by a big BBQ, cooked by our MD, Ash!

The day started very calmly, niceties exchanged, small talk about the games we’d play, drinks in hand. Then it was time to focus and suddenly the competitive streaks flared. This was a fight to win! 

On your Marks, Get Set, Rounders!

Starting with splitting into two teams:

The A Team – Led by Kim (Who will be starting with us next week)





The B team – Led by Hannah


Amy (Me!)



We started with a fun and competitive game of rounders (in the 30-degree heat – which was not easy!). In the first round, the A team won – taking home 15-rounders and knocking a couple of the B team members out. 

After a quick refreshment and shade break, tensions were high for round two. Could the B team bring it back? Of course, we could! The B Team managed to knock the A team out, who only scored 5-rounders, and went on to win the second round with 15-rounders. 

But now it is neck and neck, 1-1. 

BBQ Break and Celebrations 

After running around and screaming (we’re not that competitive – I promise), it was time for some well-needed refreshments and food. Our MD, Ash, was the designated chef, and he did a great job! We had a variety of BBQ classics on offer, from burgers to hot dogs, veggie and vegan alternatives, and lots of sides (a team Neo PR favourite is paprika pringles – these don’t last long in the office!).

With lunch polished off and our bellies full of delicious BBQ’d treats, we wanted to get the team together to recognise some important celebrations over the past month:

Kellie – For celebrating three whole years at Neo PR!

Hannah – For celebrating her first year anniversary at Neo PR

Kelly – For passing her three-month probation

Amy (Myself) – After a long battle with landlords and solicitors, I will finally be moving house tomorrow! 

Prosecco Pong 

You’re probably thinking that beer pong isn’t a traditional sports day game, and you’d be right – which is why we revamped the traditional beer pong and went head to head in Prosecco Pong! Same teams applied, thirsty teammates and with a gold medal in mind – this was the deciding round. 

Playing on a slatted table with some light breeze didn’t help matters, but the game was close. 

Kellie took home the first point for the B Team, and shortly after, I scored another two balls into the prosecco, putting us at a clear advantage. Then, the A Team made a slight comeback, but it wasn’t long before Jo and Emma put the B Team back in the lead. With just one cup left, could the B Team take it home? Of course we could! Hannah scored the winning ball, and the celebrations began!

Team B was crowned the winners of Neo PR’s 2022 Summer Sports Day Bash, awarded with beautiful gold medals that we’ll hang on our walls to recognise our achievements. But of course, in true team player spirit, everyone’s a winner, and the A Team also received their medals for participating in the day.

It was a great social day with the team, full of laughter, good food and drink and even better company – what more could you ask for? Take a look at some of our highlights below! 

Amy Swallow

Account Director