Meet the Team: The Beauty of Being a Beginner

Meet the Team: The Beauty of Being a Beginner

Meet Kim, the newest member of Team Neo PR, who has joined us as a Junior Account Executive. After studying English at University, before going on to achieve a Masters’s Degree in Creative Writing and Publishing, Kim was interested in finding a career which combined her love for English with social interaction – ultimately leading her to the world of PR. Find out more about Kim below:

A Helping Hand

They say that opportunities don’t happen, we create them. Whilst I believe this is somewhat true, I don’t think we should underestimate the power of a helping hand. Before I decided to pursue a career in PR, I knew that I wanted to find an environment that thrives upon helping one another to succeed. After my first full week as a Neo PR’ian, I can confirm that I’ve ticked that goal off the list.

I received the warmest welcome from the team here at Neo PR! From inviting me to attend their ‘Summer Social’ before I’d even started working, to going out for lunch on my first day, they know how to make a newbie feel at home. I had my first ever meeting at 9 am with our MD, Ash, who took me for a walk around The Stables’ surrounding field and shared some words of wisdom for me to reflect on as I adjust to the PR scene.

Back to the Beginnings 

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s take it back to the start. And by start, I mean university. I studied English for my Bachelor’s Degree and Creative Writing and Publishing for my Master’s Degree, both at Bournemouth University. Reason being: I’m a bookworm who loves the beach. 

I didn’t know what career I wanted to pursue until recently, so when deciding on what to study at university, I decided to follow my favourite subject and have faith that it’ll take me where I need to go. No complaints so far!

Towards the end of my Master’s Degree, the pressure to settle on a career path became bigger than ever. I love reading and writing, but I’m far too much of a people person to be sitting inside dealing with manuscripts all day. So, my mission was to find something that integrated my love for English with my need for interaction. Through this, as you have probably gathered, I was completely sold by the world of PR. The idea of interacting with different clients, building relationships and working together to produce successful content really appealed to me.

Gaining Experience 

This all led me to my search for an internship, which I found and thoroughly enjoyed with the start-up agency ‘Sal y Tequila’. I obtained the role of a Junior PR Executive, where I worked on the launch of their consultancy programme ‘The Lemons Factory’, before moving over to gain experience within the agency on their social media. 

During this internship, I had my interview with Neo PR’s MD Ash, and Operations Director, Jo, who were a complete breath of fresh air in what can sometimes be a rather deflating process. 

The World of Neo PR 

Now I find myself here, writing this blog post after my first week at Neo PR. Whilst I would love to round off with something overly intelligent and all-knowing, this week I have well and truly faced my reality as a beginner, and I have accepted that won’t be changing any time soon.

Before I lose your attention completely, I’ll leave you with an insight into my next goal now that I’ve started my first full-time PR position: To learn as much as possible

I can’t wait to get more familiar with the B2B-tech industry, get to know my clients and embrace my position as a newbie. Being a beginner is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s where you decide to go from there that starts to define things. 

To find out more about Kim, you can follow her on Twitter here, or LinkedIn here. Neo PR is currently recruiting for a variety of roles, from Junior Account Executives to Account Managers. If you are interested in PR or have experience in content writing and client management, get in touch at

Kim Renton

Junior Account Executive