Unlocking the Value of PR for Your Business

Unlocking the Value of PR for Your Business

Public Relations is one of the most effective ways to build on your business’s marketing strategy while supporting and creating relationships within your industry. Companies that are investing in their PR strategies are seeing a larger return on investment.  

PR is all about building and managing those reputations, and as such, it’s always of high importance to businesses. Ashley Carr, Founder and Managing Director of Neo PR explores why PR is vital to any business.

Why PR?

Audiences are proven to buy on referral or from trusted brands and so audiences are far more receptive to marketing messages and mediums once we have established that trust. Thought leadership content has become key for businesses, allowing them to contribute to industry conversation by speaking directly to the market about market issues. 

This has become the new marketing currency to become part of the conversation and get heard above the background noise and position brands and/or businesses as a thought leader within an industry to communicate with your audience while reaffirming the trust between brand and consumer. 

The goals for every marketing and PR campaign will vary, but reaching those goals will in almost every case require:

  • Marketing your brand: This involves media coverage, public speaking (at conferences and events) and the use of digital media channels extensively to raise your profile among your target audience.
  • Being open about your thoughts: Being recognised as a repository of respected thought leaders who regularly contribute to articles, interviews, white papers, and speaking engagements can be very beneficial for your brand.
  • Lead generation: B2B PR campaigns can play a crucial role in generating leads for a sales pipeline. Creating a sense of value and positive exposure can convert sales prospects into loyal customers.
  • Enhanced industry relationships: This involves reaching out to constituent parts of your market to establish, maintain and nurture relationships with industry stakeholders. Obtaining media coverage, attending industry events, networking and forming strategic partnerships are all ways to strengthen relationships. 
  • Product launch support: B2B PR campaigns are a vital component for launching new products and services. If your customers don’t know about it, they can’t buy it, so use the widest range of media platforms you can to ensure they can’t escape knowing what you’re offering them.


Creating a collaborative and solid internal communication channel within your business continues to be proven to be vital. PR plays a key role in continuing to connect to audiences and prospects alike for businesses.

Moving forward into 2024, it is clear that the lines of communication should continue to stay strong between businesses. Building trust and relationships and establishing reputation supports businesses’ end goals by retaining customers and more importantly, creating new ones. 

Ashley Carr

Managing Director.