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B2B Tech PR in a digital age.

Things have changed. The traditional PR strategies that once ruled the industry are no longer enough: PR has moved to the forefront of a new industry ruled by Google’s influence and real-time engagement. To keep the pace, PR outreach must be content-rich, with relevant and meaningful messages that resonate and drive your target audience to start a conversation with you.

Content is now the most important asset for any business and it is good, quality content, placed in front of your audience across print, digital and social media, that converts new visitors and readers into inbound sales leads.

B2B Tech PR

B2B Technology PR is our thing. From cybersecurity to regulatory compliance, professional services to healthcare, and marketing & retail to supply chain & logistics, our team has a myriad of experience in managing campaigns, generating fresh content and achieving results for technology challenger brands. We work as an extension of your team to bring your messaging to life and get your name seen within and amongst key influencers in your industry. Neo PR is here to make sure you never run out of things to say.

Content Generation

It’s quite simple: there are no good leads without good content.

Using a targeted media approach and solid media relationships, we place the quality content we create where your prospective customers will read it, challenging the industry and addressing the pain points your customers experience every day.

And we’ll work with you to broaden the reach of the content across social media and throughout your marketing activity. From blogs to market guides, whitepapers to website landing pages, we are passionate about creating relevant, engaging and attractive content created for your specific audience and its needs.

Social Media

PR and social media go hand in hand; PR helps you get seen in the press and social media helps you shout about it. We see social media as a key part of your PR and marketing campaign and will dedicate time to planning creative social media campaigns that pack a punch, increase your visibility within the market and generate engagement.

Research & Events

You know your stuff – so prove it! Research-led content drives interest, media coverage and puts some real kudos behind positioning you as the commentator within the market. Research is used by 84% of communications professionals but less than half of these organisations understand how to shape a campaign whilst utilising this research. Well, we do. Want to launch your findings at an event? We can help you with that too. With a little help from our partners, we can help you invite the right people, lay on the right venue and help you wow the press.

Crisis Management

Sometimes, things can go wrong. And when things go wrong, they can sometimes go very wrong. If you make a mishap in the public domain, there’s a good chance the media will get wind of it and show some interest. But not all press is good press – your reputation is your greatest asset in the business world and we will look after it. Whether it’s a proactive campaign to build your reputation or a considered defence when things go pear-shaped, we’re on hand to help.


We can support global PR outreach with a mix of direct and partner engagement. Whether we are acting as a managing agency with either your existing agency partners, or our recommended partners, or as part of your international group of agencies, we are used to working in a multi-language, multi-time zone environment. Neo PR can provide content to a Point of Presence (PoP) in various regions for a local representative to issue to press. Neo PR also provides push PR to the various countries for a number of clients to build international presence and awareness on a sensible budget.


Spinks Creative Marketing.

Marketing & Design

Marketing without limits. Spinks Creative brings brands to life.

Whether you need to create a logo, build a website, start an integrated email campaign or build yourself a fully-fledged brand, Spinks Creative will help you to achieve your marketing goals.



Sapio Research.


Research that provides the answers. Sapio’s London-based consumer & B2B market research company offers creative, evidence-based solutions to challenges clients face.

Sapio’s sensible, compelling methodology provides consumer & business market research services that are noticeable, relevant, enabling and challenging.




Creative Agency

A creative agency that creates attention grabbing experiences, brands and campaigns.





Bamboo Events.


Providers of a truly dynamic events experience, working in partnership with clients to bring events to life.

Slide Neo PR delivers PR outreach campaigns that are content- rich with relevant and meaningful messages that resonate and start a conversation.

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