Why your company should be on LinkedIn

Why your company should be on LinkedIn

Social media is becoming more and more important in the B2B world – just ask any of our clients what a difference it makes! You might already be familiar with what it can offer, but now it’s time to take a deeper dive into the world of LinkedIn.

For starters, most professionals tend to have a personal profile, but does your company have its own page? Why not? Let’s look at why your company should be on LinkedIn.

It’s more important than Facebook

According to a recent report, LinkedIn is more important to B2B than Facebook, with 41% of B2B marketers putting it at the top of their list. This means that your audience is highly likely to be interested in what you are sharing. Business owners are also highly likely to use LinkedIn so in terms of being able to reach out to prospects, you’ll be onto a winner.

It directly impacts your SEO ranking

Your company page is publicly visible by default on LinkedIn so once you have set one up, you should be using it. Fill it up with content rich with relevant keywords and terms to organically boost your SEO ranking. If particular employees have written great blog posts, they can publish them as articles on their LinkedIn page, which helps with SEO even more.

The perfect place to announce product news

As LinkedIn is primarily aimed at the business side of things, there’s no better place to announce product news, launches or awards than LinkedIn. Who knows where it could lead if it catches the right person’s eye.

Get recommended

If a customer has had a positive experience with you, encourage them to share their experiences on your company page. If people stumble across your company page, they will be able to see these recommendations. Make sure everyone in the company has linked themselves to the page and pester them to share the company updates – it helps!

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