Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

For many of us, social media is all we’ve known. A lot of us have grown up with it, and if you didn’t, you now know it inside out. We use it every day and would probably be lost without it – demonstrating the clear impact it has on our daily lives. However, have you considered the influence of social media on businesses? Getting it right can be tricky, and it has the power to make or break a brand. 

Nailing the Basics

The social media world is extremely daunting. With so many platforms to choose from, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and now the evolution of Tik Tok and ClubHouse, where do you start? And do you need to use them all? 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for social media! You have to make sure that whatever platform you pick is right for your business and audience. There is no point in opening up a TikTok account, which utilises short-snappy videos for a younger audience if your business targets an older audience. 

DO your research: By having insight into each platform and really knowing your audience, you’ll be able to pick the best social media websites to utilise.

DON’T be on every platform – unless you have to: One platform = one piece of content, so five platforms = five pieces of content. If you don’t have the resources and will be spreading yourself thin by being on every social website under the sun, then make sure you prioritise those which will provide the best results. 

Content is King 

There’s no need to have an account on Twitter and Facebook if you’re only going to post on it once every six months. Businesses have to be consistent in order to gain any exposure or to build a following. But you shouldn’t post unrelated content just for the sake of posting something. The content used on social media must still be relevant, interesting and engaging. 

DO create a schedule: By managing and creating a schedule for your content, businesses will be able to prepare their posts in advance, allowing them to stay consistent. However, schedules should be flexible, and businesses must jump into relevant industry conversations and news to stand out!

DON’T repeat content: Mixing up your posts across various channels will allow your audience to be more interested and engaged in your content, rather than seeing the same caption three times. A simple copy and paste job can look lazy, and that can reflect badly on your brand! 

Key Tips

DO utilise multimedia content: Videos, pictures, GIFs (a Neo PR favourite) or audio files, it’s great and way more fun to see a range of differently styled posts across social media!

DO check out awareness days: There is an awareness day for EVERYTHING. And we mean, everything. Did you know that the 5th of September is Cheese Pizza Day? Now you do! Make sure you keep a diary of relevant social and awareness upcoming events!

DO interact with your audience: The answer is in the pudding – Social Media. It’s all about being social. Reply to user’s questions and DM’s, say thank you to any compliments and address any issues.

DON’T #hashtag everything: A hashtag now and there is great, specifically for keywords that are relevant to your business messaging. #But #NoOne #Wants #To #See #This! 

DON’T overpromote: Social media is a great way to share your brand with a target audience, but this doesn’t mean that every post has to generate a sale. You can talk about your business in various ways without sounding ‘too promotional.’ Why not take the opportunity to show more about your brand morals, values and culture, rather than talking about your products, or jumping into engaging industry conversations?

DON’T post without double-checking: The good thing about social media is the delete button. The bad thing is that people can screenshot, and a post with a bad spelling mistake can surface on the internet for many years to come. Double-check your grammar and spelling before clicking post!

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Kellie Sadler

Senior Account Manager.