Why PR is the perfect career path for graduates

Why PR is the perfect career path for graduates

What’s life like after university? Confusing. You have spent the past three years in the bubble of your degree, and suddenly the pressure is on to find the “perfect” career straight away. But many graduates find themselves feeling overwhelmed, with confusion and time pressure clouding judgement over what route to take. However, if you are motivated and keen to succeed, you could have the potential to become a highly influential and creative member of a PR team.

Although working in public relations might not be the first job that springs to mind when you leave university, it is a varied, exciting and fast-paced role which will open many doors – there is a reason that it is ranked as one of the top three most popular career choices for graduates in the UK. As a recent graduate, and part of a generation saturated by social media, you may not be aware of the millennial tech-savvy skills you already possess, many of which could transpire to an agency role. My first step out of university was at Neo PR, where I have been for the past seven months-  so If you are on the cusp of a post-grad world unsure of which path to take, I will tell you why working for a PR Agency like ours could be the road you’ve been searching for.

Transferable skills from university

Research shows that only 27% of graduates go into a job directly related to their degree. So, even if you have never worked in or studied PR you would be surprised how many necessary skills you have already gained from your time at university. Every student has juggled numerous essay deadlines alongside extracurriculars and even part-time work (we all remember those long library nights). Well, being resilient enough to be able to cope under pressure and manage your own time is important as PR roles can be varied, and you will find yourself working to tight deadlines as well as managing multiple tasks simultaneously. The same goes for other skills you acquired during your studies such as teamwork, writing, research and communication – it’s all part of the job.

A varied role

The smaller the agency, the more your job is varied. At Neo PR we are a small agency based in the countryside, and this definitely comes with its perks. Not only will you be able to come in and learn a number of skills from strategy to writing and research, you also won’t be limited to working within any one sector – in the morning you could be talking finance and by lunch, healthcare. This ability to work across a number of different industries and topics gives you the adaptability skills that will make you a much more attractive candidate later on in your career.

The wide range of assignments is the big difference between working in-house and for an agency. The mix of clients creates an environment which can stimulate interest in subjects you may have never even known about before – and trust me you won’t ever be bored as an account executive! From writing press releases to attending different events, no day is ever the same in PR.

Why PR will give you a head start

PR is a growing industry, and If you enjoy being challenged, it is an industry that will help foster your strengths, as well as allow you to make visible results. As a job that encompasses many roles and will teach you just as many skills, you’d be surprised how much you will learn, and how much I have learnt in only 7 months. With exposure into a number of different industries and types of media, it is a job that teaches you how to communicate with the public- especially in a brands voice- and will also leave you with a vast networking circle. At the end of the day, every company needs to communicate their brand and offerings to the public, evidently, PR is a career choice that will lead to great opportunities. Just as Bill Gates famously said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”

So, If you love to meet new people, exchange ideas and want to learn a lot, then this could be the path for you. And guess what, we’re hiring! Send your CV to prworks@neopr.co.uk.
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