Combatting Stress in the Workplace

Combatting Stress in the Workplace

Here at Neo PR, we know that stress can affect different people in different ways and one of the most common causes of stress can be work.

To try and support our team as much as we can, we encourage everyone to:

Identify the cause

When stress levels are rising, it’s hard to sometimes stop (‘I don’t have time!’), take a breath and identify what is making you feel so stressed but it’s a crucial first step to take in helping you ease the pressure. If it’s workload, you must speak to your Line Manager and other team members. Juggling client and office activity, meetings and deadlines, and managing time in and out of the office can be hard but sitting down with someone to run through and prioritise your worklist and diary can make such a difference. Often an outsider’s perspective can enable you to see the light at the end of the tunnel! So, what 100% has to happen today, what can be actioned tomorrow or later in the week and importantly, what can others potentially help you with?

Talk to each other

‘It’s good to talk’ – yes, this was a strapline from BT adverts but it’s never been needed more as our lives become busier and busier. From our working lives, to everything going on in our personal lives – relationships, family, money matters and big life events – dealing with the feelings that come from handling these, all at once or alone, can be really tough and if you think everyone else has these under control, they probably don’t! How do you know if others are going through the same thing as you if you don’t ask them? Staying silent and dealing with things yourself may feel like the best option but it isn’t. Sharing what you’re going through takes strength and can help you and those you speak to more than you realise.

Take time for you

Whilst it’s good to talk and not take on everything ourselves, we also need to have some ‘alone / me time’. We are very much a society of ‘go, go, go’, cramming as much as we can into our weeks and weekends but there comes a time when we just need to clear our heads and switch off from the day, other people, technology and social media. Block out just a small amount of time every day to do something you enjoy just for you. Going for a walk or a run, reading a book, cooking and meditation can all help. Even if it’s just time set aside to sit on your own to take slow deep breaths in and out. We have to make time for ourselves! Also, a good night’s sleep can make it a little easier to cope with stress.

There are a number of initiatives that we’ve implemented with our team to ensure we find time to let off steam, socialise together and support each other with trying to get the best balance possible.

⭐️ Flexible working – each team member effectively ‘self manages’ their hours

⭐️ Field walks – such a good break away from the laptop

⭐️ Team lunches – time in the office to come together to eat and chat

⭐️ Team rewards and weekly huddles – not only shouting about our successes but sharing where we’re struggling, if we’re having a challenging week and taking the opportunity to ask others for advice

⭐️ Pub Fridays – time every month outside the office to wind down together

⭐️ Quarterly socials – check out our Instagram page!

⭐️ Christmas and Summer parties – you may have heard about our epic Christmas parties

⭐️ Holidays – we make sure everyone uses up their holiday allowance for the year

⭐️ Healthy snack boxes – but we do love to come together to eat a little bit of cake every now and then for birthdays, anniversaries or simply just because..!

How do you try to manage stress in your workplace? Let’s share experiences and tips with each other – it can all help! Tweet us @NeoPRLtd.
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