The Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2017

The Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2017

Following on from the footsteps of Christmas music, pigs in blankets and Brussel sprouts, Christmas adverts have now become a staple part of the Christmas festivities. Every year we wait in anticipation for retailers and supermarkets to release their highly-awaited Christmas campaigns, maximising their brand awareness across the UK.

It seems like there are more Christmas adverts than ever this year – so who came out on top? We’ve rounded up this years Christma adverts and shared our verdict!

John Lewis: #MoztheMonster

We’ve become accustomed to expecting big things from the John Lewis advert! This year we have been introduced to Moz the Monster, a giant furry creature who lives under the bed of his young friend, Joe, only coming out at night to play. Filmed by Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry, this highly-anticipated advert features Elbow’s cover of classic Beatles tune ‘Golden Slumbers.’

Following a successful string of well-received Christmas adverts, John Lewis certainly had a reputation to uphold with their 2017 campaign. It wasn’t rated the favourite in our Twitter pollbut, they still managed to pull at the heartstrings of the viewers with an endearing story of love and friendship. In our eyes, he doesn’t quite compete with Monty the Penguin from a few years ago!

Debenhams: #YouShall

Capturing the magic of Christmas, this modern love story follows a young man who briefly meets a young woman on a busy commuter train before she rushes off into the night, leaving just a fallen shoe behind. The advert details their quest to be reunited, with a little help from social media – it is the 21st century after all. Like every true fairytale, this story ends with a happy ending as the two are reunited in a magical, snowy setting.

This heartwarming and beautifully composed advert definitely captures the true magic of Christmas, and to top it all of, Ewan McGregor is the narrator! What more could you want?

Marks & Spencers: Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

In our Christmas Advert Twitter Poll, M&S was the favourite, even above John Lewis!   This year M&S has teamed up with Paddington 2 to create a feature-length advert that will undoubtedly leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. In this mini-film we see the cheeky bear mistake a thief for Father Christmas, taking him on a journey to return the presents that he’d previously stolen. Paddington’s innocence is reflected through this enchanting story, as he teaches the burglar the true meaning of Christmas. M&S’ clever and subtle branding fails to detract from a gentle and sentimental Christmas tale.

Aldi: Kevin the Carrot returns

Aldi’s Christmas offering was favourite amongst the supermarkets, getting the highest number of votes on our Twitter Poll. Kevin the Carrot is back again this Christmas bringing more laughter and cheer as we follow him on another exciting adventure. Aldi’s Christmas Campaign follows Kevin’s quest to reach Katie the Carrot, who he spots on a luxury train after falling off a Snowman near the train tracks. Battling kitchen utensils, a popping Champagne cork and a flying pea, Kevin finally reaches his new love, and they live happily ever after. With poetic narration from Jim Broadbent, this is an undeniably sweet and cleverly written advert that will leave you chuckling for hours!

Sainsbury’s: ‘Every bit of Christmas’

Sainsbury’s has provided a little bit of cheese and a whole lot of Christmas spirit with their upbeat sing-along Christmas advert. Aided by a jumping Brussels sprout, this fun-filled campaign brings the whole family together to celebrate the festive season. Performed by real people across the UK, and a few familiar faces, this ad accurately reflects the unique rituals and moments that make each families Christmas special.

Waitrose: #ChristmasTogether

This year Waitrose’s black and white advert uses subtle humour to tell the oldest tale in the sitcom book. A gathering of strangers find themselves stuck in a country pub on Christmas day following a heavy downfall of snow. Hungry and pub-bound the drinkers come together to create a tasty Christmas dinner complete with a bronzed turkey and an array of steaming vegetables. This spectacular display of food leaves you drooling at the mouth, it is a generally lovely depiction of how the festive season urges people to come together and celebrate as a community.

So, what is our verdict?

Well, yet again we have not been disappointed. Retailers have mastered the fine art of creating a Christmas campaign that has a bucket full of cheer and a big dose of Christmas spirit! We think Marks & Spencer’s collaboration with Paddington Bear perfectly depicts the true meaning of Christmas with a beautiful soundtrack, thoughtful narration and a thought-provoking storyline. So, whether you are left reaching for the tissues, or laughing into your hot chocolate, the magic of these heartwarming adverts continues to live on.

What was your favourite Christmas Advert this year? Let us know! @NeoPRLtd 

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