Team Neo does Red Nose Day!

Team Neo does Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and over the years has raised over £1 billion! It’s an insane amount of money that will have undoubtedly have changed the lives for millions of people in the UK and Africa. The Ebola outbreak in Africa caused a catastrophic effect on the country’s young people leaving many orphaned, and others without proper education, medical care or even shelter. With the money raised, children are given access to life-saving vaccinations, formal and informal education and safe shelter.

Not only does the money make such a huge difference in Africa, it also goes to help those in need in the UK. Helping thousands of organisations to help young people who are homeless find shelter and receive the support they need to start their lives again. It also supports those with mental health issues and with the rise in the recognition of mental health problems, it’s a great cause that will no doubt touch the lives of every single person at one point or another. Donating even the smallest amount is really such an important way to help those who need it most.

This year, Team Neo got involved and kitted ourselves out with Red Nose Day T-shirts, noses and deely boppers. We decided to have a red breakfast to keep in with the theme of the day (finding red food is harder than you think!). It was a strange combination with everything from strawberries to babybels, jam to tomatoes… Red velvet cupcakes were also involved and unsurprisingly they went down a treat. As the clock struck 9:30 we were all in the boardroom ready to donate, eat and have a laugh for comic relief!

RND is part of the bigger event, Comic Relief, that every other year takes over our TV sets to bring us a night full of celebrities, comedy and donations! From BBC Radio One’s 24 hour LOLathon, to a sequel of Love Actually (we are sooooo excited!) – it’s already looking to beat last years total of £99,418,831! So make sure you switch on your tellybox tonight at 7pm on BBC one and don’t forget to donate donate donate!

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