Stunt of the week: Gucci gets meme-tastic

Stunt of the week: Gucci gets meme-tastic

Me: I’m not going to obsess about social media anymore.

Also me: Have you seen Gucci’s latest digital campaign!?!?

This week’s Neo PR gold Star goes to high-end fashion brand Gucci. In the run up to Baselworld (the international watch show), the team at Gucci HQ launched a digital campaign for their new Le Marché des Merveilles timepieces that made waves on social media and proved that the company’s meme game was #goals!

The innovative digital campaign plays homage to some of social media’s most beloved memes. Of course Gucci had to put a high-end tone to it and collaborated with international artists to produce their swanky new artwork, curated by Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. The imagery was then placed in the hands of a carefully selected (and highly recommended) bunch of ‘Viral content’ creators, who let loose and the results are genius!

Whilst the general tone of the campaign is tongue-in-cheek it highlights the various routes that brands need to explore in a new era of social media. Perhaps the most important takeaway from this campaign is that Gucci hasn’t lost its brand identity. It has mixed popular culture, art and fashion resulting in a campaign that has made the brand more accessible, without losing its integrity. Granted, it may have caused some furrowed brows, but love it or loathe it seems to have done the trick.

Where Balmain may have lead the way with the ultimate #SquadGoals on Instagram, the social team at Gucci have certainly stepped it up a notch. If you don’t believe us search for #TFWGucci aka “That Feel When Gucci” (the more I learn, the more I love) to see the timely posts for yourselves.

Bravo Gucci…bravo!

What do you meme you haven’t seen this campaign yet? Check out all the images here. What did you make of Gucci’s campaign? Tweet us your thoughts! @NeoPRLtd

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