New Year, New Resolve?

New Year New Resolve? Neo PR, B2B Technology PR

New Year, New Resolve?

Forget resolutions. From the obvious (‘stop eating chocolate’ or ‘run a marathon’) to the slightly more confused (‘stop putting ‘lol’ after every text I send, lol’) we all know that they’re largely destined to fail…

Instead, this year at Neo PR it’s all about our resolve to continuously improve ourselves to deliver the best possible service and outcomes to our clients. So, our buzzword of 2019 is CAMPAIGN. Your campaign.

C stands for Content

Regular, thought provoking, relevant content written in such a way that means our other clients (our journalist community) will want to publish it.

A = Aligned

A good PR & social media campaign should be in line with your business objectives and your marketing plans so that at every touchpoint, your customers and prospects are reading and hearing a consistent approach that resonates with a solution to their business pain points.

M is for Message

We’ll work with you to identify the messages that really hit home and define your proposition to the market. We’ll make sure those messages are woven throughout all the content we produce, but we’ll do so in a non-salesy, independently appealing way.

P – Pain points

You believe you have a solution to your prospects’ organisational pain points; ultimately, that’s why you’re in business. Our campaigns will help you communicate that belief to the market through a combination of compelling thought leadership and evidence-based market leadership.

A stands for Audience

It’s all about your audience. We will work alongside you and your sales teams to identify the optimal publications and influencers in the right market sectors, across the different communications channels, to ensure maximum impact of your PR content.

I = Integrated

We like to work as an extension of your marketing team, not your ‘outsourced agency’. So it makes sense that our PR campaigns are mapped out based upon – and overlaid upon – your marketing strategy. Each quarter, every quarter, without fail.

G is for Google

Our clients can regularly demonstrate a steady volume of direct referrals from the PR coverage through Google Analytics. Moreover, our PR content is proven to support an uplift in Google rankings on your chosen keywords and contributes highly ‘sticky’ website content.

N – Neo PR

Are you ready for a Happy Neo Year? To hear more about how we can help your PR campaign, get in touch.

Josephine Timmins