Can businesses of today grow without social media?

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Can businesses of today grow without social media?

It can’t be denied that over recent years there has been great debate over the ‘power of social media’ and whether it is simply a social tool, or a vital part of an organisation’s marketing campaign. While the majority of brands are embracing social channels and jumping head first into the immersive digital world, some businesses are hesitant to embrace this new method of communication in fear that it may be blurring the lines between productivity and procrastination. Take JD Wetherspoons for example, the pub chain announced last year that they were withdrawing all social media pages on account that people spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and struggle to control the consumption.

It is fair to say that is a bold move. For any brand, removing yourself from the powerful clutches of social media will have an impact on your business. And while JD Wetherspoons argued that closing these accounts won’t negatively affect their business, in today’s market it is those companies who embrace the capabilities of social sites who will be able to reach a wider audience and in turn, stand miles ahead of their competitors.

In order to make the change from traditional to digital, and to create a successful social media campaign, all companies need to ensure they consider the following key steps.

Be where your customers are

One too many companies are investing valuable time in developing channels that are completely irrelevant. There is no point focusing on creating a campaign across a social media platform that your target audience is completely disengaged with. It’s important to do your research. First, find out which channel will be most worthy to your company and to your audience. Branding and content generation can then follow.

While the strategy will vary with every platform, having a clear indication of exactly whether Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter will be the focus, will ensure your company is able to make the most of social media.

Keep up with the times

While businesses need to keep a close eye on which channels their customers are engaging with, they also need to be aware of the social media trends dominating the market. With Gen-Z about to outnumber millennials, it is important to consider how they are shaking up the social networks. In their eyes, Instagram is top dog. Brands need to take note of this and monitor how this channel is set to evolve as the new generation becomes more and more dominant across multiple sectors.

Engage, engage, engage

It may seem obvious, but interacting with your key target audience has the power to take your product, or service, from minuscule to mainstream. This starts with posting the right content at the right time; do this right and you will see the power of social media first hand. Netflix is a great example of this. Its recent film, Bird Box, reached 45 million views since its release on 21st December. These views were all generated from social media marketing, with the broadcasting company promoting the film on Twitter. Team this up with constant engagement with its followers, including witty tweets and sneaky snapshots, and Netflix could drum up enough hype that meant millions upon millions weren’t able to resist watching it.

Yes, it can be argued that some companies aren’t seeing as much value from social media as others. But, done properly, all businesses will be able to embrace the wonderful world of social media to create a brand that will flourish right into the future.

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