Meet the Team: B2C to B2B

Meet the Team: B2C to B2B

Since the start of September, Lucy has joined team Neo PR as a Senior Account Manager, transitioning from the B2C to the B2B tech world. She outlines her journey in the industry below and why she decided to make the switch to business-to-business. 

I had been in B2C tech PR for over five years and experienced the highs and the lows that come with product pitching, seasonal gift guide madness and frequent reviews. Whilst new product launches can be exciting and seeing your clients’ products on ‘This Morning’ or in a national gift guide is rewarding, the continual development of similar products can become fairly repetitive and the Christmas push beginning in July can turn anyone into a bit of a Scrooge! 

Tech PR has always been a favourite of mine. The ever-changing industry makes for frequent updates and news. Technology is constantly developing with AI, drones, robots and many more inventions regularly hitting the headlines. People also need tech in the modern-day for all aspects of life. This makes for an enthusing area to work in both from a personal interest and also for professional fulfilment. 

Why B2B?

I have now joined Neo PR to make the move into a B2B PR role which is sure to be a change, but one that I’m embracing and excited about. I hope to bring the experience I have had throughout my time in B2C to help me thrive in this new area and bring a new outlook and approach.

PR is essentially about communicating, whether that is communicating a new product launch’s great USP, or changes and opinions in a business landscape. The tools and skills needed are interchangeable. Working with clients to find possible ways to get into a national title, relationship building with journalists and writing press releases, media alerts or pitches are all parts of the PR role that I love doing. I’m most excited about the writing at Neo PR as it seems to be much more varied compared to the B2C sector, which is based largely upon new product launches and seasonal media alerts. 

Writing in B2B seems to be much more open to suggestions and brainstorming angles and targets which I hope to be a fun and rewarding way to write content with more freedom for creativity than before. 

You’ll Never be Bored

Making the move into B2B, particularly in a time when most companies and industries are having to adapt and develop since COVID-19, feels like an exciting move. The landscape is forever changing with the ability to produce thought leadership articles that are really inspiring and informative across a range of news and trends. The fast and changing nature of society at the moment means that there will always be something new to work on, a new challenge to overcome and a new win to shout about whatever the industry the client operates within. 

With B2B, the ability to use reactive PR and news hijacking can make it a much faster moving task compared to the long-term reviews of the consumer side. With a constant stream of updates, news and trends to form opinions and comments about, it seems to be an area of PR that can never leave you bored! 

Experience (and Relationships) are Key

Overall, moving from B2C to B2B is a development opportunity and expansion of my skills. The ability to have experience in both sectors should help to improve all aspects of my PR work and I hope this will make me a well-rounded Neo PR’ian! 

Using my own experience, I hope it will continue to make my writing and pitching even more advanced. Along with experience, relationship building is fundamental in PR. Being able to communicate with others in the most appropriate way and build long-term, lasting relationships that are beneficial for all parties is the aim, and this is something that is always an enjoyable part of working in PR. I look forward to continuing this with both the clients and the team here at Neo. The team at Neo PR are very supportive and collaborative so I have no doubt I will have fun while I adjust and I look forward to getting stuck in! 

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Lucy Major

Senior Account Manager