Meet the Team: 5 Pandemic Essentials David Can’t Live Without

Meet the Team: 5 Pandemic Essentials David Can’t Live Without

In the last few months we’ve won a number of notable new clients to be proud of. As a result, we have decided to bolster the team and hire another Account Director to work across several PR campaigns. That in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our new recruit, David Mieny. His role is to focus on driving PR campaigns; ensure that content delivered is on message and to a high quality; and that he supports his team vertically and horizontally as he rolls his sleeves up and ‘mucks in’.

As part of getting to know our newest team member, we asked David what’s helped him through the current pandemic and which five essential items he can’t live without in lockdown. Over to David…


One of my favourite parts of the day is making my first cup of coffee. I love the ritual and comfort of it. Wake up from a good night’s rest. Bumble over to the kettle. Switch it on. Place a spoonful of ground coffee into the French press (cafetiere/plunger). Pour the hot water into the press. Smell the aroma. Let the coffee brew for a second and eventually sit on the couch with a cup of warmth to enjoy waking up in the morning. It’s one of life’s simple joys. 

Family, friends and phones

The recent lockdowns really highlighted the importance of the relationships in my life. I am originally from South Africa and my parents still live there. I speak to Mom and Dad every Sunday over WhatsApp and I’m proud that we maintain our relationship from afar. The same goes for my friends. The numerous virtual beers, coffees, games and chats with friends all make lockdown bearable. Thank goodness for conferencing and collaboration technology.


The importance of exercise and movement in times like these cannot be undervalued. I normally practice sports Jiu-Jitsu (grappling/judo). But with lockdown and restrictions on combat sports in place, it makes it difficult to train. So, like many, I’ve had to adapt. I tried skipping, walked heaps, bodyweight exercises, play around with my kettlebell, rode my bicycle and started running again. I doubt I’ll run a couple of marathons again any time soon, but enjoy the cardio workout from it, along with the mental health benefits from exercise.

A good story (box set, film or book)

Through the last few months we have all spent an immense amount of time at home. For many of us, ‘story’ provides a sense of escapism and I found myself watching a few boxsets. Notably, I recently watched The Last Dance, which revolves around the career of NBA superstar, Michael Jordan, with a particular focus on his final season with the Chicago Bulls. I don’t follow basketball, but found it interesting to learn more about his winning mindset.  Aside from that, I enjoyed Stranger Things, Locke and Key and am about to start reading a Second World War true story called: The 21 Escapes of LT. Alastair Cram, by David M. Guss.

The ocean

Most people enjoy the coast, ocean or beaches. I love the sheer vastness, power and awesomeness of the ocean, and just seeing the waves and smelling the sea air. It’s good for the soul. I didn’t manage to get to an ocean or the coast during the recent Corona months. But, when the situation eases up for us all, I intend to head to Cornwall or another British coastline and explore more of the UK and wonder at the waves and their beauty.

These five essentials have got me through the UK’s pandemic and lockdowns so far. A sixth essential, which probably doesn’t get acknowledged with as much credit as it deserves is work and professional relationships with colleagues.

Thinking ahead, although I’m new to Neo PR, I can already tell the firm, and its leadership team, has cultivated a true sense of care for one another across the agency, alongside the great work it is doing for clients. This is something that cannot go unnoticed and is to be admired – especially through a pandemic and recession, when people need to deliver results and lean on each other for support. Plus, everyone at Neo PR is really cool too.

Therefore, I’m excited about my future at Neo and look forward to playing my part within the team to deliver strong results for clients, to support my team mates, and to contribute towards the agency’s growth. Here’s to a strong 2021, in spite of Covid!

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