How to write a successful award entry

How to write a successful award entry

PR is all about garnering recognition for your clients, and what better way to do this than to make them winners? Writing a great award entry is key to getting a head start and standing out in front of the judges. But it doesn’t stop there: once the crown has been placed and the medal worn with pride, it’s important to keep the PR momentum going and maximise the success.

Choose the right category

Most awards have lots of categories to choose from, so how do you decide which is the right one? Take care to fully understand the category requirements so you know what information you’ll need to gather before starting the process. Entering awards is time consuming so be sure the content you’re submitting is a good match for the category and therefore can enter confidently.

Gather the evidence

The majority of awards need clear proof of a project’s ROI. Usually, this sort of information is for judges eyes only, so don’t be worried about sharing your secrets with other entrants. But whether this is through statistics or a customer’s praising quote, make sure there’s no question of the successful results produced.

Include relevant media

Attaching, uploading or sending relevant content such as screenshots, videos or info-graphics will help your company to stand out amongst the other hundred that will undoubtedly enter. Entries are often very text heavy so adding in different type of media can break it up and keep the judges interested.

Proofread and triple check

Having silly mistakes in an entry gives an instant bad impression. It needs to be thoroughly read to ensure there are no typos but also to check the entry makes sense and conveys all the right messages. Give it a triple check to make sure everything is as you want it to be; once it’s submitted, there’s no going back!

Maximise post-winning success

Congratulations! You followed the steps above and created a winning award entry, been to the award ceremony and of course, won the award! The final step is to make the most of it. Issue a press release, add the logo to company email signatures and post and boast on social media. You’re now an award-winning company, so don’t let the momentum fall after a few weeks! Keep it going and use the win to drive your company forward.

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