Friday Fun: Our Summer Social!

Friday Fun: Our Summer Social!

We like to work hard and play hard at Neo PR, so last Friday afternoon we left the office early to spend some time as a team. Fun was most definitely on the cards and it involved water balloons and gin! It was a fabulous afternoon and we were even joined by lovely Louise who is currently on maternity leave. Here are some highlights and what we got up to….

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Wet and wild

First on the agenda was a mini water balloon championship. It involved games like keep the balloon on the spoon and ‘pop squat’ – a relay race where we had to pop the balloons whilst squatting. Safe to say there were a LOT of giggles. The finale was a quick game of Director Dodgeball which involved Ash, Jo and Gemma trying to dodge an assault of water bombs!

Laura had the best idea of the day by far – she wore a shower cap to keep her hair dry! Hannah also took a rather dramatic tumble during the events, but we promise no more Neo PR-ians were harmed in the fun…!

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Gin tasting

Once we had dried off, it was time to become gin connoisseurs. Led by Sophie and Ash, the resident gin enthusiasts, we tasted five different gins and made a record of the different tasting notes and scents on our tasting cards. It was a really fun session and we learned a lot about the history of gin. Did you know the UK used to have a real alcohol problem until the government bought in legislation to regulate distilling of gin in the 1700s? A pint of gin used to be cheaper than a pint of beer!

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Food time!

It just wouldn’t be a Neo PR social without food and Ash cooked up a proper storm on the barbie. Everyone in the team brought along their own dishes from yummy veggie scotch eggs to an amazing potato salad so it was a real feast for everyone to enjoy!

Francesca had even made us an epic Neo PR cake complete with the logo on the top. It was maple syrup flavoured and was a whopping four tiers high!

As you can see it was a very fun filled afternoon and it was a great way to let our hair down. We are always very busy at Neo PR so spending time together as a team is really important to us!

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