5 reasons why PR isn’t just a day job

5 reasons why PR isn’t just a day job

Is PR just a day job? Definitely not. We aren’t saying that we work all the hours god sends and never take any holiday, but it’s definitely something you start to live and breathe. PR requires commitment, confidence and caring about clients, coverage and the campaign.

It’s true what they say: you have to be a certain type of person to work in PR. We’re all very different but we all share the same drive – and the same habits! Are you the grammar corrector, the conversation starter or a checklist queen (or king)? Or perhaps you’re a multitasking ninja or a non-stop thinker?

Here are five reasons why PR isn’t just a day job!

1. You find yourself correcting spelling and grammar

If you’ve just finished your university degree, you’re probably already a spelling and grammar whiz but once you get started in PR, you find yourself spotting errors all over the place; your supermarket shop, your morning social media scroll (resist the urge to comment with the errors!) and even in newspapers! A missing apostrophe or incorrect use of your/you’re will start to glare at you from across the doctor’s waiting room and you’ll have to stop yourself from exploding…

2. You become a social butterfly

Perhaps you weren’t that au fait with social situations but in PR, nobody puts baby in the corner. Socialising is a really important part of the job, whether it’s clients or journalists, presenting yourself well and making a good first impression is key! So whether you’re meeting your other half’s family for the first time, or introducing yourself to a new press contact, you’ll soon be able to hold your own in the room

3. Your life revolves around lists

To-do lists. Shopping lists. Day off lists. Lists for lists. You get the picture. In PR, you need to be super organised and great at managing your own time, so lists are very important! No two days in PR are the same, so sometimes getting to the end of that to-do list means you have to write another list of things you didn’t quite get to.

4. You can do five things at once

Just ask anyone at Neo PR – we can write two press releases at the same time, whilst thinking about our upcoming social media schedule, sending an email, writing a list AND speaking to someone else at the same time. Yes, before you ask, we’re superheroes.

5. Your brain is always on the go

Just because we leave the office, doesn’t mean we aren’t still thinking up ideas for campaigns. Sometimes downtime is the best time to come out of that creative rut you’ve been stuck in. Sometimes all it takes is a quick walk around the block with Sam the dog to come up with thought leadership ideas or the light bulb moment might happen when you’re on your way to work. And sometimes we might see something on the evening news to flag to our clients. PR brains for life!

Do you think you have what it takes to work in PR? We’re looking for someone to join our team, so get in touch by calling +44 (0) 1296 733 867 or emailing prworks@neopr.co.uk.

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