Discovering the magic of content marketing

Discovering the magic of content marketing

We think it’s really important to support our clients with any events they are hosting or attending. Last month, Heather and I headed down to London to see Keren Lerner, MD of Top Left Design, speak at Soho House to learn all about content marketing. We both picked up some great tips and have provided a handy little round up of what we learnt! 

Discovering the magic of content marketing


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an umbrella term for everything content related, including email, social media and blog posts. It’s not something that is just for ‘marketing people’ – everyone should be getting involved with it.

What makes good content?

Good content is a combination of creation, curation and engagement. You should be creating original, unique content that shows what your business is all about. Curated content is external content that you share that echoes your key messages. This should all be sprinkled with a good dose of engagement where you interact with your audience. Simply replying to tweets or commenting on other content can help boost awareness.

How can I be successful with content marketing?

Keren shared 9 tips for successful content marketing – we will definitely be taking note of these!

1. Plan in batches. There is no use sitting down and writing all ten blog post ideas at once. If you aim to write two or three a week, and then deal with the images another time, you will actually save yourself some time.

2. Share your posts on social media. For us, this is a total no-brainer! Every time you write a new blog post, make sure you are sharing it across your channels to make sure people know about it.

3. Show personality. People are more likely to feel connected with your business if they feel like they know you. We like to show a bit of personality in our blogs by sharing all the crazy challenges we do!

4. Mix up different types of content. Images, videos, infographics, whitepapers… These all count as content and sharing a good range of these is key for a successful content marketing strategy.

5. Test and measure. Use analytics tools to determine which content is working well with your audience. Check out our guide to Twitter Analytics as a starting point.

6. Use scheduling tools. You don’t even have to be in front of a computer to be tweeting all day! Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to get ahead and make sure you always have content being shared on social media.

7. Write good headlines. A killer headline will make people want to read what you’re writing. Want to know how to write a good headline? Find out in this blog post.

8. Know your audience. What problems do your audience have? How can you solve them? Once you can answer these two questions, you can tailor your content to be useful and informative.

9. Have a strategy. Planning is key! Have a content calendar which details when you will post your different content. A good plan should leave room for continuity, conversation and reaction.

If you’re keen to create great content, check out our infographic guide to content success.

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