B2B PR is not boring

B2B PR is not boring

Telling people you work in PR is usually met with a confused expression, with the world of PR a mystery to many. On the other end of the scale, it’s met with the assumption that you must have met a lot of celebrities and public figures – which isn’t the point of PR at all.

Add B2B PR into the mix, and people assume that nothing creative comes into the mix at all. However, the reality is that turning B2B concepts into expertly crafted, meaningful and interesting content to be used across a whole variety of channels and mediums, requires a huge amount of creativity.

Thinking outside the box and getting our brains to think beyond the concept being presented to us is a vital part of what we do for our clients. To help us, we have three golden rules:

Rule #1: Keep it real

A million miles from our B2C counterparts, one of the biggest challenges in our line of work is making abstract concepts tangible. For a campaign to work, it is our job to not only make the complex technologies of our clients accessible, but to explain why people should care. It is one thing to put into simple terms how, for example, a particular Internet of Things product works, but showing the real world impact of the technology is the key to getting a campaign off the ground.

Rule #2: Channel your inner artist

So you’ve made whatever it is your client does ‘real’, now you’ve got to make it interesting. Imagine your client and its competitors as paintings in a gallery, you want to make sure yours is the picture that stands out. Being able to look at things from unusual perspectives and see a clients’ technology in an interesting, new light is vital. We work with our clients to find the unique opinions and angles that set them apart, and help to paint the pictures that define them as thought leaders in their industries.

Rule #3: Genuinely care about your clients

The best B2B PRs have the ability to see the real world benefit of what it is that their client does and tell their story. Doing our job well means becoming an extension of every single company we work with and caring about their businesses just as much as they do. It does call for enough open mindedness to be able to get excited by networks or manufacturing but that enthusiasm is what underpins the most successful campaigns.

Could we help inject some creativity into your B2B PR campaign? Get in touch prworks@neopr.co.uk.

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