Are you ready to swipe right?

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Are you ready to swipe right?

As we get ready to celebrate/commiserate (delete as appropriate) Valentine’s Day, love is definitely in the air. Certain traditions are still around when it comes to the love-themed (or money-making, some might say) day. Whether it’s eagerly anticipating a delivery of decadent flowers to the office, or booking a table at a candle-lit restaurant, for many people, romance certainly isn’t dead.

However, if we take a look back at the past decade, the world of dating has definitely changed. What started out as in 1995 has grown enormously, resulting in platforms such as Tinder, Bumble and Happn. Once upon a time, dating wouldn’t take place over text or through Facebook, but through mutual friends, letters, a chance ‘meet cute’ that ends happily ever after. Now, not only is everything digital with a lot more screens involved, there is also a lot more choice. Apparently, Tinder has over 50 million active users, which definitely broadens the chance of meeting someone, but also makes it harder to make that perfect match.

Much like the world of online dating, PR has changed too. Gone are the days of weekly, glitzy journalist lunches or drinks soirée (these still happen but, unfortunately for the food and drink lovers amongst us, not as often) and print coverage is no longer the bee’s knees. The boom of online press coverage has lead to a whole host of new publications appearing online, creating a bigger pool for PR agencies to choose from when placing their clients’ content, but also a bigger pool for readers to choose from.

So how can you make sure your message is still read by your prospects?

1. First impressions count

Whether it’s a Tinder profile picture where you want to show off your best angle, or the headline of a thought-provoking opinion article that aims to make your prospects pick up the phone, getting it right first time is essential. What both have in common is that you don’t have very long to grab someone’s attention; women spend an average of just 8.5 minutes per session on Tinder, so just think of how many swipes they try and fit in that time! Either in the world of online dating or in the world of the media, you don’t often get a second chance. Once the person has swiped left, your chance has gone – and once the prospect decides to scroll past your article, the opportunity for a new sales lead has vanished.

Just like a profile photo has to show the best of yourself, the headline of an opinion article or press release has to pull the reader in, make them want to find out more, whilst not giving too much away. Are you up for the challenge?

2. Get the message right

Once you’ve made the right first impression and they’ve clicked to find out more (either on your dating profile or from the homepage of the publication), the next bit you need to get right is the message you want to get across. What type of guy, or gal, are you hoping to meet? Whether it’s nailing your Tinder bio with a cheeky one-liner or adding in your favourite film or book quote to attract someone with similar interests, you need to decide what your key message is.

The same applies for that crucial piece of thought leadership. What is the main message you want to convey? Does the industry need to change its mindset, or has something happened in the news that could have been prevented? What challenge are you addressing, and what pain point are you going to make disappear? If you understand your audience and what it is they really want to read about, the rest of the piece should fall into place.

3. Honesty is the best policy

Lastly, on your quest to find the One – whether it’s a future husband/wife or your next big customer – make sure you’re realistic. Don’t overpromise on something you can’t deliver, or say you’re the only company that can solve a current problem if you’re not. Everyone has something to offer, so don’t hide behind words or a picture. If you can’t skydive, what are your other hobbies? If you’re not into the latest music trend, what music do you listen to instead?

Similarly, if another company does offer comparable technology to you – what makes yours different? Is it your award-winning team? The amazing testimonials you have from your existing customers? The personal approach your delivery team can guarantee? The truth is always the winning formula – so stay true to your values (and your brand), and you’ll soon find that Mr or Miss Charming is right around the corner.

Whilst our advice unfortunately doesn’t extend to dating, we’d love to have a chat about how we can help you get in front of your prospects with a captivating thought leadership campaign. Get in touch by calling +44 (0) 1296 733 867 or email
Ashley Carr

Managing Director.

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