Always Recruiting, Sometimes Hiring

Always Recruiting, Sometimes Hiring

2021 was declared the ‘Great Resignation’ year, fuelled by COVID-19, rising living costs and the shift to remote working. 

Most companies, regardless of size, get recruiting wrong as they don’t start looking for someone until they have a vacancy. This is a flawed strategy as it puts them constantly behind the game. And, in today’s environment where there are more vacancies than available talent, businesses could fear getting left behind. 

Instead, businesses should be ‘always recruiting, sometimes hiring’ to have a constant and consistent drive to find talent – hiring ahead of need where possible.

Long Term Approach

Achieving successful employee retention can be challenging. So why not adopt a low-impact, long-term approach, rather than a short-term and intense search? It will take longer for you to find a good match for your vacant position if you are only looking for applicants when a position opens up. This could cause your existing team to feel drained, especially when it typically takes four to eight weeks for a new hire to join a company, which could mean that you settle for second best in order to manage the extra workload.

To stay ahead of the curve, engaging with millennials on social media and at networking events is important. Choosing the best candidates ahead of your competitors not only allows you to sign on the best talent, but also provides you with insight into how your business is perceived by potential candidates. 

Here are the three main benefits of having a talent acquisition (TA) strategy:

  1. You’ll get the best people: Since you aren’t feeling the pressure to fill a job ASAP, you can take your time and find the most talented candidate.
  2. You’ll be competitive: Employees determine the success of a company. Good people will give you a competitive edge — the best talent will want to work with just as talented team members.
  3. You’ll save money: Making a bad hire can be very costly when you need to replace them. Having a TA in place helps to prevent that from happening. It also saves on expensive and time-consuming processes such as advertising jobs, sorting through resumes and interviewing candidates.

Company Culture

As organisations were forced to re-evaluate their processes during the pandemic, businesses have to figure out how they can continue to run efficiently, as well as be more flexible, while maintaining quality. 

Hybrid models are becoming more popular due to COVID-19, and companies are encouraged to rethink their values, culture, and the impact on their employees, as well as the business. Duplicating workplace banter and conversations is a challenge while working from home, but employers can use technology to keep in touch with their colleagues and create that sense of community. Creating habits that allow team members to get to know each other, whilst keeping employees motivated is critical.

It’s vital that businesses implement an ongoing recruitment process, whilst being open and honest with candidates that there may not be an immediate position available. As long as businesses are transparent about this, they should be able to develop a strong network of contacts for the future. By doing this, organisations are in an ideal position to fill jobs with high quality people with the skill-set and personal qualities the business needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Neo PR embed an ‘always recruiting, sometimes hiring’ process into our recruitment strategy, so if you are interested in working at our B2B technology agency, and want to reach out with your CV, please do email us at

Ashley Carr

Managing Director.