5 reasons your company needs PR

5 reasons your company needs PR

Whether your company has just started out, been around for a few years, or is just in need of a new way to get your message heard, you need PR.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. As a PR agency, of course we’d tell you that you need PR. But really, we’re telling the truth! And to prove it, we’re backing it up with five ways that a successful PR campaign can really help your company.

1. Stay ahead of the competition

It’s a big old world out there, and with lots of companies claiming to be the best, it’s often easy to get lost in the crowd. PR is the best way to stay relevant and get your key messages conveyed to the right people, in the right way – and even at the right time.

2. Position yourself as an industry expert

What’s a great way to get your company quickly noticed in your industry? By giving yourself the status of an industry expert, of course! With carefully placed thought leadership content such as opinion articles, letters and news hijacking, you can make sure that both your name and company are always at the forefront of important industry issues. What’s even better is that this form of PR campaign doesn’t rely on news items such as press releases and case studies, which we all know are sometimes hard to come by. Sometimes, you just have to go out there and make some noise of your own, and by positioning yourself as an industry expert you’re able to do just that.

3. Protect your reputation

Ok, so this is something that we all want to avoid, but having a PR agency on board is the perfect safety blanket for if the worst does happen. A PR agency that can offer 24/7 crisis management will guide you through the right procedures and get you out of that sticky situation in no time.

4. Shout about that big customer win

Oh my god, you FINALLY signed that partner/customer you’ve been hassling for ages! Get the champagne out and put your dancing shoes on, it’s time to celebrate! But wait… you don’t have a PR agency on board, so how are you going to let the world know about it? Yes, we’ve always said that news-based PR campaigns aren’t the bee’s knees, but when this fabulous moment does happen, make sure you have a PR agency on board to shout about your successes and let the other customers follow in line.

5. Develop that ever important social media presence

So, you took the first steps a few years ago and created a company Twitter account and LinkedIn page because the marketing intern told you that you should. The problem is, having the accounts sitting there and not being populated with interesting and relevant content is just as bad as not having one at all. How do you expect people to engage if there’s nothing to engage with? And, with Google now indexing Twitter, it’s more important than ever to keep these accounts running to boost your Google rankings; otherwise, how will anyone find you?

Ashley Carr

Managing Director.

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