Why does B2B technology need PR?

Why does B2B technology need PR?

We would tell you that PR is important for B2B technology because it’s what we do. But we’re all about helping you make informed decisions about your PR and marketing strategy, so we thought we would give you three reasons why we think PR is essential for any B2B technology company. And if you don’t believe us, you can see one of our very own clients talk about why it’s worked for them.

1. New perspectives

We know that B2B is often perceived as being much less exciting than B2C PR, but we are very much here to challenge that view – read our blog on why B2B PR isn’t boring!  If you hire the right PR agency, it’s possible to get yourself a very creative campaign. Often, it takes someone outside of your organisation to point out the selling points and angles of your business that you might have been missing before. Whether you sell supply chain software, IT maintenance or Cybersecurity, there is always an exciting angle to get people interested in your product.

2. Brand awareness

We get asked a lot by prospects and clients alike about the ROI in PR. If we’re being honest, it’s very difficult to measure. But one thing you can be sure that it’s doing is raising awareness of your organisation within your target audience. You might not get a direct lead from a piece of coverage, but when you crop up in a Google search or a prospect is searching for a business like yours, the chances of them having heard of you before is a lot higher thanks to all the press coverage you’ll gain.

3. Thought Leadership

This is where the magic happens. With a PR campaign that is driven by Thought Leadership, not only do you get yourself some good quality, sale-assist content, but it positions you as a high profile expert within the industry, that is ultimately more effective than a front page ad. Journalists and prospects respond well to this kind of content because it offers a non-salesy perspective on industry issues.

So where does PR come in?

We don’t like to position ourselves as an outsourced agency – we work very much with your marketing team to make sure we are aligning campaign with your messaging and marketing activity. We won’t try and convince you anymore – watch Paul German, CEO of Certes Networks tell you why PR has worked so well for them.

We’d love to talk to you about PR. Get in touch – prworks@neopr.co.uk

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