#WalkThisMay for National Walking Month

#WalkThisMay for National Walking Month

It’s no secret that we love anything that will make us more productive. After all, being more productive makes not just the team happy, but our clients happy too! As May is National Walking Month, we’ve been making an extra special effort to get up out of our (very comfy) chairs and go for walks throughout the day.

Our countryside location and the office dog, Sam, make it pretty easy for us to get moving. But for times when we’re feeling a little less motivated or the weather lets us down, we remind ourselves why taking a walk is a good idea with these three reasons.

1. Walking gives us a fresh perspective

It’s no secret that taking five or ten minutes away from your to-do list and having some time to think about the task in hand does wonders for productivity. Whether it’s a solo walk around the block or a group walk around the fields, we try and take time out to think through thought leadership ideas, figure out a plan for a new campaign or just take a moment to think about what to tackle next. Trying to constantly think of that winning headline or which angle is best to take won’t be solved sat at your desk, so taking a quick walk and having a change of scenery usually gives us the fresh perspective we need – and also gives our eyes a much-needed break from our screens.

2. Walking gives our step counts a boost

Fitting in exercise to a busy day is tricky and after a jam-packed day at work – which is often the case in PR world – it can be hard to summon the motivation to fit in a workout or go for a run. Walking has proven benefits of boosting mood and sleep quality and reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue (we learnt this during Stress Awareness Month in April), so we know that getting our daily steps in is important not just for our productivity at work, but for our mental health and wellbeing too.

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3. Walking lets us mix with the team

As Neo PR has grown in recent years – and boy, have we grown – we don’t always get to spend time with the colleagues outside of our client teams. So, taking a few minutes to go for a walk around the block with other members of the team is not only a good way to catch up, but the perfect opportunity to bounce ideas around with someone who might be able to give a different perspective on the issue or topic. As well as having a large bank of technology and PR knowledge, we also possess different areas of vertical knowledge within the team, which can come in handy when you need a different spin on something.

But really, with our love of fresh air and Sam always a willing companion, we don’t need much of an excuse to get walking. We even have office wellies for when the fields get too wet so that we don’t even have the ‘it’ll ruin my shoes’ excuse.

Do you try and get out of the office with your team? Let us know – tweet us @NeoPRLtd.

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