The building blocks of PR

The building blocks of PR

Industry trends may come and go, and your business will evolve and grow, but the basic building blocks of your PR campaign should remain the same. Each aspect of your campaign plays a part in its success and creating a campaign that is built to last and stand the test of time, whatever changes are going on around you.

So let’s take a look at those building blocks and why they are important.

Thought Leadership

Everyone has an opinion on something, even if you don’t think you do! Whether you think the marketing tech market it oversaturated or the approach to cybersecurity is broken, thought leadership content allows you to share these opinions with your industry press. If your opinion is a bit different and catches someone’s eye, you might have got yourself a lead! 80% of B2B end users said that thought leadership increased their trust of an organisation, so it’s a very important building block.


Social media, digital marketing and PR are all important, but sometimes there’s nothing like face to face time with prospects and press. Whether you’re launching a new product or want to show off some research, events are a great way to get yourself in front of people. 91% of the top performing businesses in the UK place greater emphasis on event marketing. If you want to host an event, check out our five top tips for event success.

Social Media

You’re a B2B company, so you don’t need to be on social media, right? Wrong. Your competitors are doing it, your customers are doing it, so you should be doing it. A third of the world uses social media regularly and content consumption has increased by 57%. There’s no point in having a great marketing and PR strategy in place without social media. Where do you shout about your press coverage, after all?


What came first, the PR or the Marketing team? It doesn’t matter as long as they are working together. You can’t just hire a PR agency and expect them to do the work, and you can’t do the same with a marketing team either. If both teams are banging their own drum then you’re going to get nowhere.


84% of communications professionals user market research as part of their PR or marketing strategy. Research is so much more than standing on the corner of the street gathering data – it can provide you with some real insight into what your customers are thinking and make for some real headlines in your industry press.


It’s not called press relations for no reason. Without the press, there would be no PR, so it’s important to make sure you are targeting the right people. Whilst it’s great to get into those national titles, it’s not always the publication your prospects are going to be reading. Make sure you have a good mix of industry and trade press as well to maximise your brand awareness. There are 84,000 journalists in the UK so make sure you’re targeting the right ones! Check out our top tips for building a media list.

Download our infographic below to find out how you can create a PR campaign that lasts – and give us a call if you need some help! +44 (0) 1296 733 867. 

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