Stunt of the week: Who wore it best?

Stunt of the week: Who wore it best?

If you were on planet PR on 26 April you could not have missed Swedish Creative Agency, Acne’s, cheeky response Ad to fashion house Balenciaga’s ‘new’ blue bag.

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Acne was quick off the mark when the luxury French brand released the creation, wittingly commenting on the uncanny resemblance to their partner, Ikea’s, 40p reusable blue tote that we all know and love (and definitely have at least five stuffed under the kitchen sink), that Ikea describe as “Easy to clean, just rinse and dry”.

Acne’s print Ad included a factitious list of qualities to look out for when making your purchase, so buyers can decipher the real deal from the expensive fake, which we think you’ll agree is complete comedy gold. Unfortunately, unless you’ve got the hefty budget of £1663.45 required, we’d suggest sticking to the old faithful royal blue carrier as the ever so slightly – more affordable option.

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Creative Director at Acne, Johan Holmgren spoke to AdFreak detailing the swift turnaround of the Ad, and even went as far as ensuring the bag was shot in the same style as the world-class label, in order to provide that little extra morsel of authenticity. Unsurprisingly, Balenciaga is yet to comment as to whether it was just a freak coincidence or if the novel tote is indeed paying homage to the original big blue bag, but we would definitely like to believe that it was the latter.

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