Hiring a PR agency? Release the skeletons!

Hiring a PR agency? Release the skeletons!

‘Tis the season for spookiness… But hiring a PR agency shouldn’t be scary business. Embarking on a new relationship with any supplier should be a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again, regardless of what horrifying experiences you’ve had in the past.

But when it comes to PR, the skeletons can’t stay in the closet. Your PR agency needs to know everything from the outset if the relationship is going to work.

Here are our top tips for making the most of your PR agency when it comes to crisis management and letting those skeletons out of the closet…

Getting off to a ghoulishly good start

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to any relationship. The more you tell your PR agency about your business, the more they can do to help you build and protect your reputation within the industry. During the kick off process (read more about that here) let your PR agency know everything they need to know. Your PR team isn’t just for content generation, they’re there to protect your reputation in the industry and the team will be much better equipped if you’ve been honest about the past so they can react appropriately to the press – or stop the bad news from reaching the press in the first place.

If a crisis creeps up…

It’s absolutely key to be prepared should a crisis happen. Before fingers start pointing, you should have a plan in place. It’s important that your team know what to do, especially when it comes to providing comments to the press or reacting on social media. Having a protocol to following means that everything is smooth sailing, despite the scary situation! Preparing a spokesperson and any messages that you need to send out is a good starting point – your PR agency can help you here.

Don’t bite back

The key in a crisis is to not fuel the fire and think before you react, especially when it comes to social media. It’s different in every situation, but the main rule is if someone is trolling on social media, bear in mind how quickly things can escalate and how your reputation could turn sour if you bite back. Our advice is to assess the situation and take things offline if you can.

When it comes to a crisis, it might always creep up on you, but by following these steps you can be petrifyingly prepared!

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