Healthy lifestyle in the office: Tips from a visiting nutritionist

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Healthy lifestyle in the office: Tips from a visiting nutritionist

January may be over, but like many offices out there, a healthy lifestyle and constraints of working at a desk are not far from our minds continuing into 2020. Cue Natalie Coghlan, nutritionist extraordinaire, coming into Neo PR HQ to explain Omega 3 from Omega 6 and intermittent fasting from sugar addictions so that we can make sure we’re working at our peak and feeling our best.

Though we may be partial to a slice of cake on a NeoPRian’s birthday or to mark anniversaries, promotions, new hires, leavers, Valentine’s day or any other excuse we can think of, we now are rallying each other on to beat those sugar cravings and make a few simple changes to feel fab and lead a healthy lifestyle.

1. Eat more fat!

Fat doesn’t make you fat! It is a naturally occurring nutrient which helps us absorb fat-soluble vitamins and is super for brain power, which means we can do more awesome work for our clients – great news!

2. Take a stroll

We are in a beautiful countryside setting with wellies at the door and an office dog who is always up for a walk. We love grabbing a fellow NeoPRian for a quick walk around the block to get a few minutes away from our screens. With a new ‘walk around the block’ tally by the front door, it’s time for our competitive streaks to come out and our step counts to go up!

Take a break and go for a stroll!

3. Experiment with your eating window

We learned that we can train our bodies to use energy reserves by holding off until our first meal of the day by an hour or two, just like our primitive selves of yesteryear had to do when food was more scarce. We’ve been trialling this in the office, with mixed success! (Food gives us brain power, after all, and we don’t want a hangry PR team!)

4. Eat ‘real’ food

When you prepare food yourself you can be sure there’s no hidden nasties, less processed sugar and more protein and fats. We have purchased new hot plates for more cooking options and to stop us reaching for the nearest convenient meal deal. It’s all part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

5. Avoid food with ‘snack’ in the name!

If something is marketed as a ‘snack’, it will often be loaded with quick release energy from sugar and often contains cheaper cooking oils, which aren’t as good for us. We’ve learned to opt for alternatives such as a handful of nuts or eat larger healthy meals which will keep us fuller for longer.

Do you have any more top tips to share with us? We’re looking forward to putting this into practice – thanks @Natalie_Coghlan

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