Client Chronicles: Our Wins of 2023 and Ambitions for 2024

Client Chronicles: Our Wins of 2023 and Ambitions for 2024


At Neo PR, we are fortunate enough to work with a diverse – and above all – exciting list of clients. From providers of maritime intelligence technology to sophisticated mobile printers, we have all bases covered here at Neo as a B2B technology PR agency. So, in the spirit of welcoming 2024, we thought it would be a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on a handful of our clients, to give you a glimpse into some of the fantastic businesses changing the tech landscape this year.

Heliot Europe

Starting off our list is Heliot Europe. A leading provider of IoT connectivity solutions in Europe, Heliot Europe specialise in the provision of the Sigfox 0G network to enable energy-efficient, long-range communication for IoT devices. During 2023, we covered a range of thought leadership topics as part of our campaign, including the use of IoT devices and the Sigfox network for effective water system management, the detection of Legionella, and for the improvement of stolen vehicle recovery. For more information about Heliot Europe and its services, please visit

Pole Star Global

A provider of maritime intelligence technology, Pole Star Global is an exciting client to be working with, and especially so given the recent news around the Red Sea attacks. Its PurpleTRAC platform provides AIS information, as well as other vessel tracking data which helps to spot any deceptive shipping practices (DSPs) and other forms of AIS spoofing. In 2023, we covered a range of topics including Pole Star’s acquisition of Stratum Five, the rise of AIS spoofing in the maritime sector, and took a deep dive into OFAC’s recently announced sanctions in the maritime and transportation industries. For more information, please visit


Linnworks is an ecommerce inventory and order management software provider that helps retailers automate processes, reduce costs & grow their business. During 2023, we were involved in discussing the ways in which small retailers can scale their businesses using effective retail technology platforms, such as Linnworks’ Connected Commerce platform. Additionally, we also touched on the ways in which these technologies can help to streamline warehouse operations and drive productivity and efficiency. For more information, visit

One Nexus 

One Nexus Group is a leading technology solution and professional services provider for the automotive industry. Its expertise unveils the hidden potential within the automotive sector, demonstrating that there’s more ‘under the bonnet’ than first meets the eye across Fleet, Mobility, Aftermarket and Innovations. With innovative ideas beyond the horizon, One Nexus works with the likes of Ford, Kia and Mercedes Benz globally across all departments. Our thought leadership campaign covered a range of topics last year, including discussing ways to improve traditional fleet management, and how to fuel innovation in the aftermarket sector. For more information visit


As we look into 2024, we as a team are excited to continue to deliver measurable results for all of our clients across a wealth of different sectors in the B2B technology space. We will continue to push boundaries and deliver innovative B2B technology PR campaigns that not only elevate our clients’ voices above the background noise but also set new benchmarks for industry knowledge and excellence. 

This is just a snapshot of the clients that we handle here at Neo PR on a daily basis. To find out what Neo PR could do for you and your company to get you heard above the background noise through effective thought leadership campaigns, get in touch today at


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