5 tips for increasing productivity

5 tips for increasing productivity

Whether it’s writing daily lists or digitising your communication, everyone has their own way of being more productive. But sometimes in the midst of a busy period at work or a stressful time at home, the techniques and tools we use to help organise our lives can be easily forgotten.

With this in mind, I thought I would take five minutes to sit back and think about all the little things that help me not only feel more productive but have kept me sane during the busiest of times. Below are my go-to tips and tricks!

1. Start early

We recently implemented a flexible working scheme at Neo PR and I can honestly say it has revolutionised my working pattern. I have opted most days for an early start of around 8 am and that extra hour in the morning, when it is quiet before my inbox starts pinging, has made all the difference. I feel far more productive knowing I can get to my desk, clear my inbox, prioritise my list for the day and start to think about getting a head start before everyone piles into the office.

2. Keep a paper list

I am still very much a fan of the paper lists. Although I have completely digitised the rest of my life, I still find an old-fashioned list really helpful. I recently invested in a Hello Day Planner and it allows me to separate my day into AM, PM and Evening. It also gives you a little motivational quote each day and helps you track your water intake, exercise, smaller life goals and prioritise. It all sounds a bit fluffy, I know, but there is something about having all your goals and reminders in one place that helps with overall productivity.

3. Tools of the trade

Technology has taken over all of our lives and most of our phones and desktops will be littered with apps. And although they may not all be useful there are a couple that I just couldn’t live without:

  • Google Drive – my favourite piece of cloud-based tech ever. I use it for life admin as well as work and I love that everything is in one place and I can choose to share or not share as much of it as I like with others.
  • Buffer – as a millennial, social media is a big part of my life. Buffer is a free tool (there is a small fee if you want to go over the limit of social channels), that allows you to schedule, plan and analyse your social media content. You can also download a handy Google Chrome plugin which allows you to Buffer on the go, it will even write the tweet and shorten the link for you. Genius!
  • Skype – I love the ease of IM and I find it far quicker than email. It also makes communication with clients and the team easy and snappy, without having to clog up your inbox. I also use Skype for mobile but I make sure I log out when I don’t want to be disturbed because nobody will be productive if they are contactable 24 hours a day.
4. Take breaks

It’s proven that taking a regular break makes you more productive as an employee, so why does everyone feel so bad about taking one? Taking a quick walk around the block, making a cup of tea, or stepping away from your desk to do something else once an hour will actually make you more productive in the long run (and keep you sane!).

5. Is anyone going to die?

And if all else fails, my favourite motto is “Is anyone going to die?” If you get too stressed and try to cram too much into your day, then you won’t actually do anything very well. Sometimes it’s just better to walk away, switch off and come back to it tomorrow.

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