5 signs you love your job

5 signs you love your job

I’ve had many jobs in my time from working behind the deli counter in my local store and promoting nightclub’s to managing internal communications – cut to present day I’m an account manager at Neo PR and (I can promise they didn’t pay me anything extra to say this) but I love it!

It’s the first time I’ve ever felt this way about a job – don’t get me wrong, I get stressed and sometimes I feel like I’ve dragged my way through the week but fundamentally, I love my job.

Back on the 5th July 2017, YouGov asked the public if they would rather have; “a job you hate that pays well, or a job you love that pays poorly?” The majority opted for a job they love (64%).

It’s no secret that it’s something that we all strive for so here are five signs you that you truly do love your job.

1. You enjoy your time at work

The majority of us spend an average of 39.2 hours at work per week. It’s extremely important that you enjoy the time you spend there. If you find yourself counting down the hours to get back to your ‘life’, it’s probably time to assess why you feel this way and what you can do about it.

2. You’re supportive of your colleagues

There’s a lot to be said about competitive work environments and there’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition. But, you shouldn’t find yourself resentful of someone else’s success. At Neo PR we’ve worked really hard to make sure that we have a rewards scheme that recognises everyone’s achievements and gives everyone an equal chance to shout about their colleagues.

3. You get excited about things you’re working on

You know you’re on to a good thing when you end up getting excited about projects you’re working on or achievements you’ve made – no matter how much it bores those you don’t work with.

As Steve Jobs once said, “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” I really couldn’t have said it better myself, you should find yourself chomping at the bit to start and finish any task no matter how mundane if it works towards a wider goal or objective.

4. You socialise with your colleagues (by choice)

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you ‘have’ to go along to every social event that your company puts on. If you can’t wait for the next time to hang out with your colleagues and build relationships with your colleagues outside of work to the extent that you’d class them as friends – you’re on to a winner!

5. The friends and family test

Got a friend that’s looking for work? No problem, you’ve got a great company they could work for, yours! Seriously, if you wouldn’t recommend your company to a family member or a friend you do need to ask yourself, ‘why do I work here?’

Ultimately, it’s important to enjoy your job, that’s how you build a career. If you’re feeling less than enamoured with your job, take some time out to think about if there’s anything you can do to change that? Can you talk to your manager to make things better?

If you find yourself at a real stalemate, it might be time to rethink your career path!

We’re currently hiring Account Executives, so if you want a job that makes you smile, get in touch! prworks@neopr.co.uk

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