5 reasons we love hiring Millennials

5 reasons we love hiring Millennials

Self-righteous, lazy, unmanageable. Those are just some of the words I have heard used to describe Millennials. However, the reality is that Millennials are actually none of those things, they are extremely hard working and passionate individuals that are currently making up more than half of our Neo PR workforce.

But why do we love them?

1. They are passionate

Now, don’t get me wrong, passionate people can sometimes be hard to manage. But boy oh boy do they care about what they do. They are keen to learn, do a good job and grow themselves, their peers and the business.

2. They are always full of energy

We hire a lot of Millennials straight out of University, which means they are full of energy and excitement about what their new career might hold. This energy is absolutely fantastic if you can harness it and use it in all the right places, especially when it filters down to other employees.

3. They are extremely driven

Millennials want to be successful in all aspects of their life. They are driven by culture, career, money and a desirable lifestyle. This means they aren’t afraid of responsibility and are often happy to work hard as long as they can play hard also. This is a key thing for us at Neo and another reason why team building and social events are so important to us. If you want your Millennials to work hard for you, you must show them they are appreciated and reward them with something that reminds them why they work so hard.

“The millennial generation has arrived. 60% of the workforce are millennials. They are not motivated by money; they want to make a difference.” – Charles Day
4. They speak their mind

Ok, so some may see this as a negative, but as a Millennial myself I think I have made some significant changes to our company culture, by being just that, vocal. Millennials are not likely to sit back and let something go if they don’t agree with it, or can see a better way of doing it. And as long as it’s relayed in the right way, some of the ideas or observations can be really game-changing.

5. They contribute to a fun culture

Above all I think it’s great to have so many Millennials in our office that embrace the happy, open, fun culture that we want to drive at Neo PR. We have even tailored our office to keep our employees motivated, engaged, active and enjoying themselves. We have fuschia feature walls to match our branding, beanbags, exercise balls, a pool table, a snazzy bright sofa and a phone booth we affectionately call “Zion”. All of these things add to the fun, motivational culture that I believe drives Millennials to stay motivated and thrive.

What’s your experience of millennials been like? Maybe you are a Millennial who is fed up with people misunderstand your generation, or perhaps you are a business owner wondering how to engage this generation? Either way, we’d love to hear from you so give us a tweet: @NeoPRLtd

We’re also hiring enthusiastic, driven people to join our team. If this sounds like you, send us your CV! prworks@neopr.co.uk

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