Case Study: ReachFive

Securing quantifiable results & generating leads.
Securing quantifiable results & generating leads.


ReachFive, provider of the cloud-based customer identity and access management (CIAM) enterprise platform.


  • To elevate the presence of ReachFive’s cloud-based API platform
  • To solidify ReachFive’s footprint in the United Kingdom
  • To entice retailers to take advantage of digital technology

Slide - Russell Loarridge, Director, ReachFive We are incredibly impressed with Neo PR’s experience, knowledge and stance within the retail technology industry.
The strategy.
  • Creating new content to make the industry sit up and take notice
  • Developing ReachFive’s stance as a thought leader through quarterly opinion articles and soundbites
  • Driving retail traffic to the ReachFive website through content placed in relevant publications
  • Building ReachFive’s reputation amongst the retail-tech community through reactive comment on industry news
The benefits.
  • Increased awareness of the issues around the retail customer experience and lack of personalisation within the industry, associated with ReachFive as an expert and thought leader
  • Achieving an average of 10+ pieces of coverage a month
  • A PR team with strong expertise in retail industries

Slide - Russell Loarridge, Director, ReachFive Throughout my own career, I have worked several times with Neo PR as I know that they will deliver disruptive campaigns to elevate ReachFives’ brand recognition within the industry.

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