Case Study: Spicy Mango

A PR campaign built to last
Spicy Mango:
A PR campaign built to last.


Spicy Mango is an expert media technology consulting and software delivery organisation. The team has significant experience in building service provider grade video platforms, media technology solutions, and delivering high quality consulting services. From content transformation and media workflow architectures to video intelligence, analytics and resolving platform quality of service challenges, Spicy Mango exists to solve complex media and control plane challenges.


  • To build a PR strategy that positions Spicy Mango as a leader in the media industry.
  • To further Spicy Mango’s presence on social media.
  • To raise brand awareness of Spicy Mango within the media market and with key industry journalists.

Slide - John Griffiths, VP Marketing, Spicy Mango A PR strategy based on thought leadership was really important for us, as we knew we wouldn’t be able to use or draw upon any customer case studies. The team are brilliant at distilling the key themes from customer stories and generating articles that still position us at the forefront of the issues we need to talk about.
The strategy.
  • Developing a coordinated PR strategy based on thought leadership, to overcome the challenge of not being able to draw upon or use customer case studies.
  • Commenting on industry trends, news and research to position Spicy Mango at the forefront of the sector.
  • Creating a continuous flow of content across various platforms, including key industry publications and social media.
The benefits.
  • Improved brand awareness and understanding of Spicy Mango, demonstrated by recognition of the Spicy Mango brand at several industry events.
  • A regular and consistent stream of press coverage in key industry and national publications such as Mail Online, TVB Europe, Videonet, IDG Connect and Telemedia Magazine.
  • A coordinated social media strategy, aligned with thought leadership topics and industry trends.
  • A collaborative approach and relationship, maintained through regular calls, reporting and meetings.

Slide - John Griffiths, VP Marketing, Spicy Mango We saw PR as an investment from the very beginning. With very little presence in the industry before the campaign started, we knew the results wouldn’t be instant, but now we can see what a difference it’s made through the awareness we’ve built and reputation we’ve gained in the industry.

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