Case Study: Acoustic

PR campaign to expand global MarTech footprint in the UK
PR campaign to expand global MarTech footprint in the UK.


Acoustic is an open and independent marketing cloud and analytics provider that supports customers with products that enable email marketing, marketing automation, customer experience analytics and other aspects of digital marketing with its technology ecosystem.


  • To deliver and bolster a bespoke thought leadership campaign 
  • To create crucial media relationships to establish Acoustic at the forefront of the industry
  • Amplify key marketing messaging, celebrating Acoustic’s unique value proposition

Slide - Norman Guadagno, CMO at Acoustic Neo PR’s knowledge and experience in our industry, combined with the team’s unique deliverables-based engagement model, make them the perfect partner to help us to get heard above the background noise.
The strategy.
  • Generating a strong thought leadership campaign for Acoustic to be heard above the background noise 
  • Establishing Acoustic’s presence within the UK through media relationships 
  • Building Acoustic’s reputation amongst the MarTech community through reactive comment on industry news 
The benefits.
  • Raised profile within the MarTech industry and target press
  • A strong PR team who understand Acoustic’s efforts in bringing humanity back to marketing
  • Increased awareness of existing MarTech issues around customer experience and lack of personalisation within the industry

Slide - Ashley Carr, Managing Director and Founder of Neo PR “It’s great to be working with Acoustic, an organisation run by marketers for marketers who really get that marketing is not just about tools, but about understanding the audience and getting the message right

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